Welcome to fiddlefoddle,
a space where I write about things that
come to my mind which are usually emotional.

The existence of this space is because:

  • I like to share my thoughts and pen things down to clear my mind.
  • I am lucky to have my brain processing thoughts and thinking beyond the necessary.
  • But sometimes, this developed mind finds it hard to internalise until its all written out.

In my early twenties, I am grateful to have been through experiences that help shape my current point of view. I have been to Sweden interning a year in a values-driven company. Over there, I understood what’s important to me and gained an inner compass.

But of course, I still have so many unanswered questions that I will start to process and learn. And as a result, these blogs are born! Hope you like reading it.


Art of conversing

Lately, I have been getting comments that people have been enjoying speaking to me. On the other hand, how have I? A warning that this is far from teaching you the art of conversing but my…

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