4 lessons learnt from fear of losing loved ones

Regarding my previous post, the problem has been resolved and it turns out to not be as serious as I thought so, which is really a blessing!! So I thought that I was going to lose someone really close to me to an illness I feel has her defeated. However, it actually wasn’t bad and pretty common.

I just want to highlight some takeaways that I have gotten from this lesson:

The most cliché one but you can’t not admit
1. Cherish your loved ones
This is something that I THOUGHT I had always done, appreciating people I love and being really thankful and happy with them. But when sonething happened to them, I realised how I have been lacking in terms of how I could have helped them. However, if I were to purposely help them now that I realise, it would inflict upon them that I did it because I pitied them and is trying to help. I believe that if someone you are close to is feeling defeated, you shouldn’t rub it into them to make them think that they are weak and need help. BUT you would definitely want to help them as much as you can, therefore start doing it before you realise anything. Just start helping them out in anything they need help now, before it is too late. Make sure you shower them with the love they need all along, before they are down with something that makes you regret all you haven’t done.

2. Distraction and smiles
To keep thinking of something really sad is depressing. I realised that distractions and laughters are very helpful in helping me drift off from the thought that keeps running in my head. Even on my toughest day ever, it was really hard to keep a smile but looking at myself smile in the mirror(really silly), I realised how a smile can fool someone easily. (And I also realised how a smile can fool, but your whole vibe will still betray you somehow) But as much as it is not genuine at all, a smile helps you get through more questions and the whole day easily. Distractions to anything was really useful. Having something else to ponder on gives your brain some space to stretch, and you know just like how it is easier to run when you have a bigger space than always running in the location? It allows you to be able to move around more and not staying at the threadmill, running about the same problem.

3. Importance of giving space
I realised the importance of giving someone who is really down space. As much as I was wishing to have someone to give me a hug the whole day, I really wished to have some alone space to just breathe and not feel weak. I realised how not probing someone is actually better than making them talk out their problems. Especially when they are very new to the problem, if they are really close to you, give them some time and they will open up to you soon.

4. Facing the music
As much as we all fear the consequences that come along with realising something hateful,  we have to face the music and rectify what we can from there onwards. After going to the doctor’s for a check-up, the condition didn’t turn out as bad as we thought it would be!! So it was definitely a life safer. To think about the fear and worry hung in our body for the past few days, if we found a solution faster it would have lightened the load.

That’s about it, but it really made me realise the importance of support that you can get and can give to loved ones in need. It made me think of what I had to do for my part too.

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