A Father’s Weakness

I have been with my father for 20 years already. But the man isn’t somebody who can be deciphered easily. As much as I understand what my father is like in a nutshell, there are points about him that I can never put into words.

His love for the family is always felt first hand, the way he asks to pick you up even at his inconvenience, how he keeps finding chances to be with us and doing what he can when we want. It’s always just that one thing that he loses to when it comes to holding onto us. (usually this would be the point where I reveal what it is, but I would like to let this remain a secret  *ps*)

When I said about deciphering, it isn’t describing. I could make a list of his characteristics if you want to. It is about understanding the thoughts going on in his mind that I can’t tell clearly.

A Father’s biggest weakness would have to be his daughter (or children) . I recall the times that I made his heart ache for me, or the times where he has to fake a laugh to remove the awkwardness from something I refused. And the times where we pretended as though, it’s alright, nothing important actually happened, after an argument/quarrel.

A Father’s weakness:
1. Children
2. Mother
3. Wife

The very first time I remember seeing my father cry would have to be at my grandmother’s funeral. Another time was when he was watching this show about a mother doing a lot for her family, and going through a really tough time. I think it’s something that he relates to. My grandmother has 11 children, but this never stopped her from caring about anyone of them. She’s also extremely doting on her children and grandchildren. I think I was her favourite grandchild, I wish at the very least. The biggest regret that my grandmother have would probably be the neglect of my smallest uncle when he was young. He had a fever that wasn’t attended to urgently, resulting in him becoming mentally ill and now needing him assistance and care from others at his age. (Maybe a story that I will tell in the future) My father, being someone who values family a lot, I know that his mother is definitely among his weakness.

Secondly, his wife. As much as they always quarrel and have disagreeing views, they are also the only ones who can make each other laugh. Even for really simple things, they can just repeat it and joke about it. I think this love is enough to explain any weakness there is. As much as I don’t believe that there is any reason it is place third. Most of the quarrels also come from his wife. But there’s this Chinese saying, “打是疼,骂是爱。” The reason they fight so much must be because they love so much too.

That being said, I know how much love comes from him. And you can always be lucky to say, you are a Daddy’s girl. I am privileged when it comes to having a Father’s love, it’s something that I cherish and appreciate.

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