Mother’s Love


It’s 7th May today and Mother’s day is this Sunday, 13th May 2018. I am turning 21 this year, the age where I transit from all my experiences that I’ve collated from hanging out with friends in school, at the arcade, in the secret alley and overseas. Not forgetting the time I take to spend with myself, when I am cycling, when I visit voluntary shelters and when I read books or watch movies. To be a ME at age 21 with this past that shaped me into who you know now.

Nonetheless, I always felt like I do not know myself well. I am still searching for my inner self, my identity and my personality. I‘d like to think that I’m good at figuring out mysteries and the unknown. But as for the unknown that is me, I would need a few more experiences and more discovery, which I’m sure that many people are on this same journey.

I’m proud to bring to you my mother who has brought me in to life 20.5 years ago and also to her wedding (with me hiding inside the wedding dress that shaped her figure perfectly not showing any signs of a 3 months baby tummy).


A classic photo of my parents on their wedding day

(they were already married, but they had their wedding later when my father’s family felt like a wedding cannot be scrimped)

I’d like to paste this message I’ve shared on my Instagram (to which I won a giveaway from Wonder’s Bakery for their Mother’s day giveaway! – they were touched by my post)

“To the super adorable, and inspiring role model: my mum!

She has had many sacrifices of herself for the family and for people around her. Probably the most amazing human, I’ve ever known. I’m sure everyone knows that parents have to sacrifice so much for their family, be it their youth and freedom, their body image and their time. My mother never complained about any of these, and the only thing she ever say about them would be about how she didn’t learn to do this or that. Never about how as a result of having us, that she missed the chance of this or that.

Something that no one knows was her personal sacrifice for my brother and I. When my brother was just born, I had been a really excited sister, always too near him for a baby’s comfort. As a mother who just gave birth, she was weak but she continued doing her everyday routine. She was annoyed by how close I was to my brother, and in anger, she squatted down and carried me away. Given how she did all of that hastily, she accidentally tore the stitches she had below. Because she didn’t know of the consequences today, she didn’t pursue it. It has been a problem now to her daily life, but, she has never ever showed us the signs of discomfort – only speaking of it to teach us to always fix a problem when you know you have one.

Everyday she inspires me by her motivation to learn English (despite our mocking of her sometimes lousy English), her devotion to the home, her energy to wake papa up to run and her love for us. And much more, but you would understand the wonders of a mother.

Every mother deserves to be shown love from people they truly love and care about. I hope you remember to thank your parents too. I believe she deserves to be pampered with good desserts, flowers and love from everywhere, (not only limited to, but) on that special day. :)”

My mother flew here from China into Singapore, a place she had almost 0 backups for. Not being able to just fly back when she fights with my father, unable to just call back and check her family when she feels like it (which has improved thanks to technology), and having to face EVERYTHING to start a family. She NEVER wastes food, GET RIDS (not KILL) of the pests that we are afraid of, TREATS people with so much respect – you can tell she puts you above her.

What made me so inspired to write this post? Watch the video below to understand more. (link:

This video is about Vivian Goh who was diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition that was believed to only be able to live till 12 years old. Her strong will lasts and is still lasting her to live till 38 years old to date. And her biggest superhero: her mother.

I made it through the video for about 1 minute before I starting to tear uncontrollably. Her mother, Madam Ivy Yong, spent her whole life taking care of her baby – no complaints of the daily feeding up till 38 years. Of the constant taking care of. She’s really amazing.

There’s a Chinese phrase which talks about how children are born to repay their parents.


And it just leaves me with a lot of love to know this unconditional love between the daughter-mother.

As a young person right now, I have a list of bucket list of things that I want to accomplish before I leave this world. I wonder if Madam Ivy Yong has any of these before? I was just recalling about how having this child which requires your utmost attention throughout their lives would equate: having your child’s life as your every minute now. I felt that Madam Yong embodies a “Mother’s Love” so adequately.

The love seeping from her body was so obvious and so proud, she’s really honoured to have Vivian as her baby and as the one she’d love forever. Despite her being tied down to her child forever, her love for her exceeds all the worries and concern about herself.

It really touched me and reminded me of my own mother’s love too. Every lucky person gets to be showered with love from their mother and it’s something to cherish and hold. Timely reminder: to catch up with them before time takes the prime moment away.

As the song that Ah Dai always sing while holding the meaning in the lyrics:


Thank you Mothers, and Happy Mother’s Day.

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