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Milestones hit in 2021

I have found 4 highlights of the year that could summarise the year up. This is the year that I have gotten vaccinated, gotten into the rhythm of work and had my commencement after a roller coaster of yes-nos.

(1) Driving Licence

Meeting my instructor who had little faith in me after I passed my driving test

At the start of the year, I took my first ever longer leave (3 days) to practise and take my driving licence. Mr Ng had very little faith in me. We trained almost every day leading up to the test, went into circuit and practised the S so much. He gave up on his technique and willed to let me drive the way I could. I think my partial lack of confidence in driving also comes from his stubbornness in that I should drive only in the technique that he has taught, but it’s not one that I could relate to.

Sheryl introduced TribeCar to me and I did my first ever drive in August (8 months after my driving licence). It was quite wild! I drove my brother for his book in from Sengkang to Sungei Gedong (Lim Chu Kang). It was an insane 31km from one end to another end of Singapore. My father was my GPS and feared for his life when I drove (even though we were on the highway almost all the time). I think the tension in the car could be sliced into half cause it was so tight.

First time in an Electronic Vehicle, it was super cool!

Now that I would have held my driving license for 1 year, I believe I would be allowed to drive more (as my license would be secured). Hope that I don’t forget my driving and can go for a decent spin!

Anyways, Mr Ng was really nice to me, and I am his favourite student: 要糖的孩子惹人疼。 Nonetheless, learning driving through Covid meant it took longer than normal for me to reach where I was, but I’m certified now!

(2) Getting vaccinated

The covid vaccine was encouraged in 2021! Though I must say it felt like it has been here for “so long” cause of how lengthy covid has felt for everyone. I remember hesitating when given priority previously as there was a scare regarding vaccines due to the urgency. I was honoured that healthcare workers are given priority and I could take it. It’s nice to know that there are sufficient vaccination developed and going around for Singaporeans with the government is taking measures to cover us. I took the booster jab as well!

Apart from the Covid vaccine, I have also taken my HPV Vaccine. It happened on my casual visit to the doctor for my problematic eye and Dr Lee promoted the jab. It has been a jab that I want to take for a long time. So his recommendation came timely. This is one of the more painful jabs. I took Gardisil which can be covered by Medisave. I’m glad that Ke Ru shared this information with me! It’s a vaccine that can help prevent Cervical cancer and most effective taken between 15 to 26, ao I almost lost my prime time there!! Please find more information here: https://www.healthhub.sg/a-z/diseases-and-conditions/701/faqs-on-hpv-and-hpv-immunisation

(3) Attended my first baby shower

Shalaka invited the ladies over for a baby shower before she gave birth! So sweet of her! Unlike the other mothers and ladies, I had no idea how a baby shower was going to be like! It turned out to be so fun?!

There was Indian food and games. We had a round of embarrassing storytime also and I laughed so much hearing everyone’s stories. We played Guess the Celebrity using their baby photos, had a baby crossword puzzle to solve too. It was amazing!! C3 Ladies bought a Baby Playmat for Shalaka too.

This was the relay race we did where our team won (!) but everybody got a prize for participating!! I was being such a really good sport, please.

Now the little baby boy is born healthily and he’s really adorable!! I learnt and appreciate the hard work mothers have to put in to raise a child after working with these fighters. ❤ #momrocks

(4) Commencement

Lastly, after delaying for 1 year and swaying from virtual to physical commencements, NUS has finally decided to arrange both a virtual and a physical one! I think they tried their best with this developing situation, and they were arranged to the best they could with safety measures and crowd control set in place.

Attending the physical commencement was special! I didn’t think any of it till I was at the auditorium. The best part is that my parents were able to witness me getting the scroll! Being in NOC gave me an additional title also and that feels kinda good too ngl.

Screenshot by Sheryl

Keru bought flowers and came down to the ceremony upon her own initiative! I didn’t invite anyone because of the restrictions and I thought it was quite the travelling just to take pictures. However, Ke Ru being the sweetest friend, offered to come down at the last minute (all just because I sent a random pic to the group about my hat) :”)

Here are the Commencement pictures:

On top of my commencement, XXAK also attended Xue Ling’s commencement. We are all so proud of her for getting her doctor degree!! Our group also decided to take graduation pics together. It is really pretty, graduating from Primary school to all different Universities and courses.

Overall 2021 seems like another year of exploring my interest and settling into the work regime. I would also acknowledge that being in my current work at IHiS has helped me grow professionally too.

I felt that I have seen the ugly side of work this year and accepted that politics do exist in the workplace. I would think that this year I’ve learnt to be more humble in my job and accept that organisations have their way of working. I think this year I have tested my adaption skill quite a bit.

While there are these lows at work, I took part in the celebration of the milestones we hit! We got an award from the Singapore Computer Society as well. I got to take part in a video filmed for Prime Minister’s Office (5:20 onwards). It was a real video produced! I even had a make-up artist style my hair! Watch here: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/ihis-sg_interconnected-ep-3-activity-6834440786424274944-KF_Y/

Apart from work, I feel like I’ve also gotten into a momentum of meeting some of my friends. It can be nice to catch up once in 6 months at times! I’m happy to have spent more time with family this year too. Spending my leaves with them and trying more new stuff. Feels good to pay for new experiences for them as well!

Thanks, 2021. I think this year everyone is trying to normalise that it’s another year of covid and new developments are happening. The back and forth is also tiring on both the people and the government. I must say that having the luxury of WFH helps a lot! It gives me time to exercise and spend time with my loved ones. It gives me more freedom to rest and practise self-care. I wish that in 2022, we keep a happy momentum through the ups and the downs. Go, love ❤


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