About Me



I’d like to treat this space as a place for me to pen my thoughts, the things that I usually do not share directly with people. So welcome to my space!

Fiddle Foddle?

Honestly, this name just sort of popped out. It was really easy to pronounce and it has such a catch. In addition, when I google Fiddle Foddle, it’s pretty original. Google only returns me the definition of “fiddle faddle”, which:

  1. 1.
    trivial matters; nonsense.
  1. 1.
    mess about; fuss.
    “you haven’t time to fiddle-faddle about like that”

Not much different.

Basic Information about I

  • Singaporean, in my early twenties
  • this line used to be my MBTI – but I’m learning to shift away from categorising myself (but Barnum effect still has me on my horoscopes knowledge)
  • Family-oriented – explains many of my family related posts
  • Hobbies: Cycling and Singing (really not excellent, have been rejected from 2 auditions :”)) – but I cherish the experience and the lessons learnt from each failure

Here’s my cover:

Usually people upload their blog that could link to their video, but I uploaded this beautiful cover to link to this About Me page.

Why the blog?

I keep a diary and I enjoy penning my thoughts inside. I cherish the nostalgia that it brings while reading. Sometimes I surprise myself with thoughts that seem foreign, and sometimes I get so proud at my old self for her perspectives. Some thoughts of mine are not exactly relatable, so this outlet is to also welcome varied thoughts from people of interest/friends.

Related image

You can find many thoughts that do not make sense to just tell people about. The thing is, I’m very very very random. I think about things from one universe to another universe, and when I share them I usually get responses like: “Urm that’s so random”, “How come you would say that suddenly”, “…”. 

It’s okay. This gives me a reason to just write, to share what I feel or think with people who actually want to read them. And mainly, for me to get a closure on something that I probably dwell too long on.

So welcome, friend.