Attending the wake of someone younger than me

β€œPlease pray for R.” Rows of β€œπŸ™πŸ™β€ flooded the family chat group by confused relatives trying to play a part. Within an hour, a solemn text followed by a hit of reality, β€œR has passed away.” I attended the wake of my 7-year-old niece near the start of this Chinese New Year. Due to the … Continue reading Attending the wake of someone younger than me

TPJC – The Last Assembly

8th December 2018. Saturday. Back to the school with 32 years of history. TPJC's closing day. In this post, I am looking to gather my thoughts about: Decision for choosing TPJC Journey in TPJC After TPJC School's closing and The Last Assembly  Decision for choosing TPJC I remember back in my secondary school days, the … Continue reading TPJC – The Last Assembly